Commercial farming of the 21st Century has evolved out of all recognition from the model of traditional farming so often seen portrayed in the media. Today’s farmer has to be IT savvy and capable of multi tasking to an extent that was undreamed of even 20 years ago and that is in addition to a working knowledge of actual farming! Accordingly he or she will require expertise in a variety of areas and from time to time it is a sensible business decision to seek professional guidance and assistance.

We provide sound and practical advice in relation to family farming business structures, the planning regime, leasing and machinery contracts, the sale and purchase of farms and farmland, land entitlements, employment and service contracts, health and safety considerations and contracts associated with renewable energy projects. Our advice is always given with an eye to adding value to the farming enterprise where practicable.

It can be the case that the initial instructions should not be carried out in isolation as those decisions may impact upon, for example, inheritance tax planning or the structure of a partnership or farming company. One of our many strengths is the dynamic interaction between departments and the specialists within those departments, hence any side issues would be identified and the appropriate advice given.