Richard Isaac


It was a wrench to leave a City of London partnership after 15 years practice in and around the Royal Courts of Justice. Now, after just as long in Cirencester, in what has turned out to be a very similar, small, caring firm, I am still glad that I made the move. Having been brought up on a farm in Suffolk it feels right to live in the country.

Dealing with an unusual or difficult high value asset requires know how and experience. I have been lucky enough to be involved with challenging assets such as woodlands, stamps, classic cars and even the odd Grand Master painting.

When clients arrive with trusts or probates that have gone wrong in other hands, it is often a challenge to find an economic route which satisfies the emotions – yet achieves a result that can be called “sensible” financially.

Long country dog walks give me the opportunities to think and refresh my mind. This is essential when seeking the creative ideas so often needed in advising busy and complicated families and their businesses.